Boarding school vs Day School

Boarding school vs Day school. Advantages and Disadvantages

Your child needs a good school to be educated and gain skills to manage life challenges and become a better person. But it’s tough to decide which is the best school for your child. The dilemma strikes between choosing a boarding school or a day school. 

The boarding school or day school debate is not new but is an essential pillar to choose what is best for your child. Before we compare both the categories, let us have an understanding of what a boarding school and a day school are. 

What is a boarding school?

A boarding school refers to an academic institution where students can stay full-time and do all their school activities. The students and teachers both stay within the school campus in their particular hostels. 

A boarding school pays attention to holistic student development apart from just academics. There are also girls-only or boys-only boarding schools within India that cater to the education of a particular gender. 

What is a day school?

A day school refers to an educational institution where students study within their particular classes throughout the day hours. They involve themselves in all the co-curricular, sports, and academic activities while staying in their houses. 

The general day schools run from morning and go up to afternoon when teachers impart education with the primary focus of polishing the academic background of the students.

Once school is finished, students can go back to their respective homes and spend time with friends and families. 

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Boarding school vs day school?

Boarding school and day school debate has been constant in the field of education. As two institutions of giving education are different, parents often remain conflicted when it comes to choosing a school for their child. 

The central and most important aspect of education refers to the round development of students. It is something that both these schools and boarding schools can ensure.

But, there is an additional breakdown of boarding schools or day schools that may just help you make an informed decision as a parent. 

Pros of boarding school

Let us begin by taking a look at the advantages of a boarding school for your child: 

  • A boarding school provides round-the-clock development and education. They are strict about homework so you can rest assured that your children are getting it done in an environment free from destruction. 
  • Boarding schools help foster independence. It cultivates self-reliance and gets the children used to the concept of staying away from home. 
  • It is a perfect solution when it comes to busy parents. It provides the ideal solution for career-concentrated parents who are conscious that their kids are adequately supervised and encouraged to take part in many out-of-school activities. 

Cons of boarding school

Now, let us understand the disadvantages of boarding schools: 

  • Homesickness is going to strike the students at some point. They will stay away from home in an unfamiliar environment for the first time and it will take some time for them to get used to the new situation. 
  • The cost of boarding schools is significantly more. It costs a lot more than day school. 
  • Parents think that they will be less involved in the upbringing of their children. They will relinquish many decisions that they would normally consider about their child.

Pros of day school

Let us turn our attention to the day schools now. Here are some of the advantages: 

  • You are going to see your kids every night and every morning when they wake up. Your kids can discuss any concerns with you. 
  • The cost of day school is much more affordable than boarding school. It is one of the major arguments when it comes to the favor of sending your kids to day school apart from boarding school which is quite cheaper. 

Cons of day school

What comes with advantages also comes with some disadvantages. Here are some of them: 

  • Day school puts more demands on your time. This indicates that if you are a career-oriented person it will make it challenging for you to put the required time into taking care of your children. 
  • Day schools also anticipate more parental involvement in parent-teacher meetings and other such occasions. 
  • Daily transportation costs and daycare activities are other factors to consider when sending your child to a day school.
Boarding school vs Day School

How to make a decision: Boarding school or day school?

If money is not a restriction for you and you look forward to your kid being entirely immersed in the educational environment, a boarding school has much more to offer and is worth considering.

On the other hand, a day school is a right option for you if you want to be more involved in daily educational activities! 

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