Is commonwealth scholarship enough to study in the UK

Is commonwealth scholarship enough to study in the UK?

The intense education inflation and extremely higher fee structure leave little room for pursuing a higher degree course abroad at one’s expense.

Students with genius brains cannot put their intellect to use due to the lack of appropriate funds. 

At such times the Commonwealth Scholarship sponsored by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is a blessing in disguise for brilliant minds as it provides a much-deserved opportunity to boost their academic brilliance and skills.

What is a Commonwealth scholarship?

The Commonwealth Scholarship is a program initiated by the British government that provides fully-funded scholarships to deserving students residing within the Commonwealth countries.

The scholarship program is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office to attract talented individuals to UK universities and support sustainable development.  

The Commonwealth Scholarship program is open to 800 students each year. The number keeps on increasing every year so that the CSC can make constructive changes on the global stage.

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Who can apply for a Commonwealth scholarship?

  • A permanent resident or a citizen of a Commonwealth country.
  • A refugee or a British-protected person.
  • Students with an undergraduate honors degree of at least upper second class.
  • Students applying for the Ph.D. program must have a Master’s degree.
  • There is no minimum age for applying but the maximum age limit is 40 years. 

For the academic year 2023, the CSC is accepting online applications from students of all majors. It has launched varied programs for both the Master’s degree and Ph.D. levels for the students to choose from.

commonwealth scholarship enough to study in the UK

How can you apply for the Commonwealth scholarship in the UK?

  • The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission does not accept a direct application hence students can apply through the nominating bodies. These include government, non-governmental bodies, and charitable institutions. 
  • Students have to visit the MHRD website and then the ECAS portal and apply to both before the stipulated deadlines.

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List of documents required for the Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK

  • Proof of citizenship.
  • If the applicant is a refugee then the document that proves the refugee status.
  • A full transcript with details of higher education qualifications.
  • References of two persons should be submitted by the referee in the online application system.
  • Supporting statement from the proposed supervisor in the UK. 
  • Scan copy of the passport.
  • A concise CV/resume

Time to apply for Commonwealth scholarship 2023

The process for receiving applications is open between October to December and students should start checking on the official website even before the tentative dates. 

Numerous programs under the Commonwealth Scholarships 2023 are open for applicants throughout the year hence interested students can log in to the website and find the timings for their preferred degree courses.  

The Commonwealth Foundation provides grants of up to £200,000 (INR 18,464,000) to eligible students for four years as funding for the postgraduate degree courses.

This is a fully-funded scholarship program by the UK government which covers all the expenses of the students. It includes

  • Economy class airfare tickets for round trip.
  • Transportation cost.
  • Visa and travel fee.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Tuition fees.
  • Textbook costs.
  • Accommodation expenses.
  • Allowance for woolen clothes during the winter season.
  • Personal expenses – allowance of £1,133 (INR 104,599) per month and £1,190 (INR 109,860) per month for small cities and big cities respectively.

The scholarship also covers family allowances if the couple stays for at least 18 months. It includes

  • Spouse allowance of £225 (INR 20,772) per month if the applicant and spouse are living together at the same address in the UK.
  • Child allowance of £225 (INR 20,772) per month for the first child and £110 ( INR 10,155) per month for the second and third child under the age of 16 if the scholarship applicant is living with their spouse and children at the same address in the UK. 
  • Child allowance of £450 (INR 41,544) per month for the first child and £110 (INR 10,155) per month for the second and third child under the age of 16 if the scholar is a single parent, divorced or widowed and is accompanied by the children and living at the same address in the UK. 

Is the Commonwealth Scholarship enough to study in the UK?

The Commonwealth Scholarship is enough to study in the UK as it is a fully funded program that covers both the study costs like tuition fees as well as related expenses.


The Commonwealth Scholarship is a golden chance for deserving students who are unable to study abroad just because of the lack of funds.

The program offers opportunities to such students so that their dreams can come true.

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