Hidden costs of sending your child to the USA

Hidden costs of sending your child to the USA

United States is known for its top-notch universities, improved academic facilities, easy options for paying tuition to study in the USA, and incredible lifestyle. While tuition fees and accommodation are expenses most parents save for, there are many hidden costs of sending your child to the USA that you may have overlooked.

Let’s look at how much you need to save to send your child to the USA!

6 Hidden costs of sending your child to the USA

From visa fees to health insurance to flights, there are a lot of costs that parents do not consider while saving and investing for their child’s education. Let’s look at some hidden costs of sending your child to the USA:

1. College application fee

A non-refundable application fee must be paid by students when submitting their application forms. The cost will vary depending on the university. However, the majority of application fees are in the ₹5,000–7,000 range.

2. Entrance exams

Depending on the degree studied, students needed to take and pass entrance exams.

ExaminationsExam Fees

3. Fees for SEVIS

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a database that houses all data on international students, including their main reasons for visiting the United States. They will

share the SEVIS number on the I-20 with your child once they’ve been admitted to their ideal university. Before submitting the paperwork for a visa application, students need to pay the SEVIS cost, which is around ₹28,000.

4. Visa Application Fees

It is typical for students to apply for an F1 visa alone. Students who enroll in undergraduate, graduate, or study courses with more than 18 hours of study time each week should take note of this. Students have to pay a visa application fee of between ₹10,000 and 15,000.

cost of sending your child to the USA

5. Health Insurance

One of the most crucial things to think about when estimating the study costs in the USA is health insurance. It is more economical for your child to receive medical care in the nation if they have health insurance. In the USA, getting health insurance costs between ₹40,000 and ₹80,000 a year.

6. Flight tickets

The cost of the airfare ranges from ₹30,000 to 1,05,000 one-way to the US. This amount may vary depending on the type of journey taken, the airline chosen, the dates of booking, the location from which you’re departing, the location in the United States where your child will be landing, etc.

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Cost of studying in the USA

One of the most significant and initial costs of studying in the united states is the tuition fees. Our college cost calculator estimates the average tuition for an undergraduate program in the USA to be between ₹1.6 to 1.9 crore.

The cost of attending an American university varies depending on several variables, including the course, chosen, the kind of degree program, the type of university, etc.

The USA offers a variety of scholarship alternatives to international students who are struggling financially. Students can apply for the best scholarship based on the criteria.

Most regular costs like tuition, living expenses, etc. Are covered by these scholarships.

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Living costs for students in the USA

The price of living in the US is the next element that affects how much it will cost Indian students to study there. The cost of living in the USA typically ranges from 70 lakh to 1 crore.

The place your child chooses to reside in the United States, the type of accommodation, the mode of transportation they use to get around, the restaurants they frequent, and most significantly, the lifestyle they lead, all affect the cost of living.

Yearly living expenses include paying for apartment housing including utilities (₹13 – 14 lakhs), food (₹5 – 6 lakhs), dormitory housing (₹6 – 9.5 lakhs), food for dormitory (₹1.6 – 2 lakhs), books and supplies (₹65,000 – 75,000), and miscellaneous expenses (₹5 – 6 lakhs).

Check out our college cost calculator to find out the cost of studying in the USA! It becomes simple to enjoy the academic and cultural life in America if your child can control the tuition they pay while studying there.

The USA has consistently been ranked among the top places for studying abroad, and now that you know how much it would cost you to send your child to college there, it will be simpler for you to arrange their expenses.

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