Countries under 50 lakhs for your child's masters

Countries under 50 lakhs for your child’s masters

Studying abroad is becoming the norm with thousands of Indian students applying to foreign universities every year.

The reason behind the trend is better job opportunities, global exposure, and a chance to enter the international workforce.

But studying abroad can be expensive, from tuition fees to living costs the expenses can pile up quickly and scare any parent.

That is why here is a list of countries under 50 lakhs for your child’s masters that you can consider! 

1. Ireland 

Ireland tops the list of countries under 50 lakhs for your child’s masters. The country is home to some top-notch universities offering diverse programs, scholarships, and post-study work visas to earn back in Euros!

Ireland offers incentives like shorter courses – one-year programs, flexibility in curriculum to take up part-time jobs, and placement opportunities.

The cost of studying master’s in Ireland can range from Rs. 30 – 45 lakhs, and students can opt for cheaper accommodation like homestays, shared rooms, and dorms to reduce living expenditure and work during free time to make up for the cost.

There are many scholarships, fee waivers, and government incentives that can help your child stay within the budget even in a foreign country! 

2. Singapore  

Singapore is another brilliant destination to consider if your child is on a budget. The average cost of studying in the country is 50 to 55 lakhs.

There are amazing part-time job opportunities to keep up with the living expenses of studying and living in the country. Singapore can be more expensive, especially when compared to other Asian countries.

Singapore is a go-to place if your child wants to study STEM courses and build a career in a similar field. Another great incentive to apply to Singapore from India is that its top universities recognize popular entrance exams like JEE and GATE as a part of the application process!   

3. Netherlands 

The Netherlands is an unexplored destination and at the top of countries under 50 lakhs for your child’s masters! Higher education in the Netherlands is subsidized to make it affordable and accessible to a majority of students.

The tuition fees vary based on the course your child chooses but the average cost of attendance is generally between Rs. 6 – 15 lakhs. The application process is simple and similar to the UK or USA registration process.

The country is great if your child is on a budget, want to explore different European countries while studying, and wants to send your child to a safe country.  

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4. Germany  

Germany is famous for offering tuition-fees college experience. While that may be true for some degrees and some qualified students, it is not uniform.

Public universities charge mandatory semester fees (Rs. 8 to 30k) to students while private universities charge tuition fees that can go up to Rs 1 to 2 lakhs per semester.

The monthly cost of studying in Germany is somewhere between Rs.60 to 70k depending on where your child is staying and their daily expenses.

While Germany is not cheap, it is cheaper for pursuing a master’s in comparison to countries like the UK, USA, or Australia.    

Countries under 50 lakhs for your child's MBA

5. Hungary 

Hungary is one of the countries under 50 lakhs for your child’s masters. The country is home to nearly 35,600 international students and offers tuition fees in the range of Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs.

Technical courses like Medicine and Engineering may cost more than the average tuition fees. The cost of living in the country is similar to that of Germany, it can cost anywhere between Rs. 60k to 70k to live in the country.     

If you and your child are on a budget then these countries under 50 lakhs for masters are a great alternative. They offer quality education, quality life as well as global exposure.

With saving and budgeting, you can easily take care of this cost and uplift your child’s future! 

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