Steps to create wealth by investing in mutual funds

Strategies to build wealth with mutual funds in 2022

Building wealth in today’s world is everyone’s dream. If you are planning to invest for long-term financial goals, then equity mutual funds are the best option to opt for as they have and can outperform many other asset classes like gold, fixed deposits (F.D.s), etc., over a long period.

But equity mutual funds can be unpredictable in a short duration. But if you remain invested for longer, it delivers good returns.

There are many strategies to build wealth, but there’s no fixed formula for it.

Steps to create wealth by investing through mutual funds

1. Define goals and horizons 

When you want to create wealth, always set an achievable target and time horizon. This process will make your investment journey realistic and manageable.

Everyone has financial goals such as retirement, a child’s higher education, a house, etc. If we set a target amount for each goal and the time to achieve them, then the process of wealth creation will become effortless.

Your financial goals should be S.M.A.R.T., i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

2. Invest as per risk appetite

Calculate your risk appetite using a questionnaire; many are available on the internet. See under which category you fall, whether it is a high risk, average risk, low risk, etc.

Then accordingly, choose your asset class to invest in.

Don’t fall for attractive or high returns; remember, high returns come with high risk. Every mutual fund serves different purposes and has different risks that can be measured.

3. Identify funds

After setting goals and calculating your risk appetite, identify funds to invest in. Do proper research to select suitable funds to meet your goals and objectives.

If you don’t know how to evaluate mutual funds, consider taking help from the experts because a wrong decision might lead to lower returns than anticipated.

There are various categories of mutual funds available in the market, and not every fund suits your requirement, so do proper research and then select the right one.

Strategies create wealth by investing in mutual funds

4. Create a focused portfolio

After selecting the funds, create a focused portfolio for each goal. It will help you track your funds’ progress towards your financial goals.

While creating a focused portfolio, consider some essential points like giving your portfolio proper diversification, including multiple asset classes if required, etc.

Also, remember quality over quantity while creating your portfolio.

5. Regular investment through S.I.P

 Consider investing regularly in these funds to make your investments more affordable and disciplined. S.I.P. (Systematic Investment Plan) helps you to give an option to invest in a small amount regularly, which could be done weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. 

Regular investing will make your portfolio grow more stable as you will buy mutual funds units at higher and lower prices. The best advantage of investing through S.I.P. is cost averaging.

6. Make a lumpsum investment

Try to make a lumpsum investment whenever possible, like when you get bonuses or profits. This way, you can achieve your goals before the target date.

Let’s understand this with an example, suppose you are investing Rs 15,000/month for ten years, and the expected growth rate is 13% annually.

The wealth you will be accumulating is Rs 37 lakhs, but after one year, you put a lumpsum of Rs 50,000/-, then you will be able to accumulate the same amount before ten years, or you can accumulate Rs 39 lakhs after ten years.

Consult an expert advisor to get the right plan

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