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How to invest in Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is a great way to invest in gold without having to block large sums of capital that you need when investing in physical gold. It is easy to invest in, easy to store, and easy to sell when you want your money back. 

Investing in gold as an asset class has been a key factor in traditional portfolios. But the rising gold prices have made the minimum investment in this asset class quite steep.

This is one of the reasons why many young investors are unable to invest in this class.

Why invest in Digital Gold? 

Here are some benefits of investing in digital gold:  

  • Invest in small amounts and quantities
  • Kept safe in secured lockers
  • Easy to buy, sell, monitor
  • All investment details on one screen
  • DigiGold investing at the click of a button

Start investing small amounts today

Today one gram of gold costs around Rs. 5200. Of course, with gold prices constantly rising, it becomes challenging for investors to put in huge blocks of money required today to purchase even 10 gms of gold.

To help investors continue investing limited funds in this precious commodity, Digital Gold is a great alternative. 

You can start by investing Rs.100 or more every month and increase the amount whenever you want.  

Buy according to value or weight

With the Digital Gold option, you can instantly buy DigiGold from Rs. 10 onwards. You can choose to buy DigiGold by its value in rupees or define the quantity in gms.

You also get to see the live rate of gold, which refreshes every 5 minutes. Selling digital gold is also easy and hassle-free. Click here to start your digital gold investment!

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Why invest in Digital Gold on the EduFund App?

How to invest in Digital Gold

EduFund allows you to buy and sell digital gold from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is download the App and start saving in gold at just Rs. 10!  You can also get amazing offers and rewards.  

1. User- Friendly interface

The EduFund DigiGold interface is extremely simple to understand and easy to manage and navigate. On a single screen, you get to see the amount invested, the current value of your investment, and the % returns on the same.

You can also check the quantity of gold you hold in your locker.

2. Stored safely for you

The DigiGold you purchase is kept safe in secured lockers at no extra cost to you. And you can buy and sell this gold easily from the convenience of your app, simply at the click of a button.

So there are no certificates to maintain, and no worry about the purity of your gold, as all DigiGold traded on this app is 99.9% purity certified.

You can check on your investments regularly and if you decide to sell your DigiGold, your physical assets will be liquidated and you will get your money in less than 48 hours.

That is as quick as selling your mutual fund holdings!

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