What is better for your child: studying law in UK or USA?

In the previous article, we discuss how to financially prepare to send your child abroad. In this article, we will discuss what is better for children studying law in UK or USA

80% of Indian students flock to study in UK, USA, or Canada for law, MBA, and STEM courses. This is because these countries offer tremendous academic opportunities, a brilliant ROI, and a chance to work globally.

Since the law is the most popular course pursued by Indians, let’s see which is better – studying law in UK or USA for your child.  

Law in the USA 

The USA is a preferred country for higher education for most of the students in India. It is one of the best choices for studying law because it offers a plethora of dignified universities to elevate your child’s CV.

Not only will it improve their communication skills and strategies, and it can provide them with exposure to different law specializations that other universities may not offer.

From moot courts to internships, the exposure offered by Law Schools in the USA is tremendous; this is why these schools have a very low acceptance rate and are highly competitive.   

Some of the best law universities in the USA are as follows: 

  1. Yale University 
  1. Stanford University 
  1. University of California, Berkeley 
  1. Harvard University 
  1. Columbia University 

Law in the UK 

The UK offers the best environment to work and learn simultaneously. Since the law system is similar to that of India’s studying here allows you to practice in both countries.

Your child can grab opportunities that will help them build connections and can work across the globe.  

Some of the best law universities in the UK are as follows: 

  1. London School of Economics 
  2. King’s College London 
  3. University of Cambridge 
  4. University of Edinburgh 
  5. University College London
Law in UK or USA

Important parameters to consider while choosing the UK or the USA

1. Living costs 

Living Cost is one of the necessities that have to be dealt with. Public transportation is not comprehensive in the United States of America.

Hence, the transportation costs go a little because you will have to go for a private vehicle. The situation is better than in the United Kingdom and will cost you less. On the contrary, various activities, including eating out, shopping, and so on, are relatively cheaper than in the United Kingdom.

The rents of apartments will vary from one location to the other, so you cannot fix a budget prior without knowing where you are supposed to live.  

2. Tuition fees 

Tuition fees for a law degree are higher in the United States of America than in the United Kingdom. The best universities offering the degree in regulation in the USA are often private.

The best and most prestigious universities in the UK function under the government. The tuition fees in the best universities in the UK can range from around Rs 20,00,000 to Rs 28,00,000, whereas the amount is Rs 40,00,000 to Rs 54,00,000 in the USA.  

3. Career planning 

If you are drawn towards studying law in the USA, choose the university wisely that allows you to take the bar exam. To practice in the USA, this is a compulsory step.

The UK proves to be better for students if they plan to pursue a career right after their education ends. You can study and then start working anywhere in the country.

Also, UK universities have strong links with local businesses and legal communities, which will help you get a job immediately. UK’s new post-study visa and student policies have made looking for jobs easier for international students.

Reasons why the UK is better than the USA  

The UK is considered a popular choice in terms of cost, ease of finding a job, and practicing in both your domestic and the UK. 


The classrooms of the United Kingdom have students from various backgrounds and cultures. Hence, it will give you broad exposure to meet new people and develop skills. 


You do not have to present your SAT or LSAT score to the universities to get admission. But this is not true if you go to universities in the USA.  


Fees are another crucial factor that determines your budget. The UK is considerably cheaper than the USA, so you can go ahead with the universities in the UK if you are tight on budget. 

Analyzing the ROI as well as the cost involved should be the deciding fact in helping your child choose between UK or USA for a law degree. Start saving to make sure your financial planning does not stop them from practicing law in their favorite country! 

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