Living expenses in Canada for Indian students

Living expenses in Canada for Indian students

Living expenses in Canada for Indian students are very high and aspiring applicants need to be aware of them before traveling abroad for the desired study course.

Canada is the preferred study hub because of its growing economy, cultural diversity, access to seamless medical care, and unlimited job opportunities. 

The country is known for its excellent education system, distinctive curriculum, numerous study courses, and reputed colleges and universities.

A promising future encourages Indian students to travel to Canada for higher studies but what about the living expenses? 

There has been a lot of speculation about the living cost in Canada hence let us find the answers to the queries related to the cost of essential expenses.

Living expenses in Canada for Indian students

The average living expenses in Canada for Indian students vary between 15,000 CAD (nearly INR 8.9 lakhs) – 20,000 CAD (nearly INR 11.9 lakhs) every year based on individual lifestyles and different cities across the country. 

The essential living expenses that an Indian student has to incur include-

1. Accommodation (average monthly cost)

The most popular options for accommodation are dormitories which house many students and townhouses which house three to six students. Both on-campus accommodations have several facilities like hot water, internet, and heat.

Other popular choices are shared apartments and unfurnished rental apartments. The average monthly living cost of the accommodations is- 

Dormitories 350 CAD – 600 CAD (nearly INR 20,958 INR 35,928)
Townhouses 250 CAD – 650 CAD (nearly INR 14,970 – INR 38,922)
Shared Apartments 400 CAD – 800 CAD (nearly INR 23,942 – INR 47,904)
Unfurnished Rental Apartments300 CAD – 500 CAD (nearly INR 17,964 – INR 29,940)

2. Food (average monthly cost)

It is easy to get an estimate of food expenses by going through the rates of some of the most common food items.

Water (1.5 liters)1.84 CAD (nearly INR 110)
Rice (1kg)3.74 CAD (nearly INR 224)
Apple (1 kg) 4.24 CAD (nearly INR 254)
Cheese (1kg)12.99 CAD (nearly INR 778 )
Milk (1 Liter)2.46 CAD (nearly INR 147)
Eggs (12)3.63 CAD (nearly INR 217)

3. Transportation (average monthly costs)

Students use public transport in Canada as it is quite safe and easy to navigate. You can get student discounts by showing your student ID card.

The average monthly costs of using some of the common modes of transportation are – 

Bus 100 CAD – 150 CAD (nearly INR 5,988 – INR 8,982)
Subway65 CAD – 99 CAD (nearly INR 3,892 – INR 5,928)
Taxis per km40 CAD -50 CAD (nearly INR 2,395 – INR 2,994)

4. Health Insurance (average annual premium)

Every international student must have a health insurance policy in Canada. The coverage depends upon the province where one lives. Some popular medical insurance plans with their costs are

BC MSP Program74 CAD/month (nearly INR 4431)
iMED 225 CAD for 3 months (nearly INR 13,473)

5. Miscellaneous (average monthly cost)

It is important to factor in personal expenses like clothing, laundry, toiletries, etc. which are part of everyday spending and depend upon an individual’s lifestyle. 

Other important expenses include

Electricity (average monthly costs) – 50 CAD (nearly INR 2,994)

Phone bill – (average monthly costs) – 40 CAD – 100 CAD (nearly INR 2,395 – INR 5,988)

Internet (average monthly costs) – 30 CAD – 50 CAD (nearly INR 1,796 – INR 2,994)

Tenant’s Insurance (average monthly costs) – 15 CAD – 30 CAD (nearly INR 898 – INR 1,796)

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Cost of living in some of the cities of Canada

The cost of living for Indian students depends upon their lifestyle and the city they live in. Some of the popular and most costly destinations for students and the average cost of living in that city are mentioned below-

City The average cost of living every year
Toronto37,000 CAD (nearly INR 22 lakhs)
Montreal 25,000 CAD (nearly INR 14.9 lakhs)
Ottawa20,000 CAD (nearly INR 11.9 lakhs)
Calgary26,904 CAD (nearly INR 16.1 lakhs)
Vancouver38,484 CAD (nearly INR 23.08 lakhs)
Living expenses in Canada

10 Tips to save money in Canada

1. Try to save money

Save money whenever you can. If you find alternatives to doing something on your own then instead of spending it, save the money. 

 2. Apply for scholarships

Every college has scholarships. Canadian universities offer amazing scholarships to potential students, so take advantage of them.    

3. Keep a budget

To save money as a student, you need to keep a budget for everything. When there’s no budget maintenance, people tend to spend more.

Have a fixed budget for the month and don’t spend more than it. 

4. Cook your meals

University campuses are filled with food stalls and fast food joints and when you are hungry, you buy them, and then your bank balance drops. 

So cook for yourself.  

 5. Claim student bank discounts and offers

All bank in Canada has offers for students. Take advantage of them. Save every penny. 

 6. Buy second-hand stuff if you can

You might need something but you don’t need to buy everything new. You can buy them in any second-hand marketplace and you can find anything there. 

So instead of buying everything new or on amazon search it in these marketplaces. 

7. Don’t use credit cards

Credit users tend to spend more as they think they have enough money but you spend more than they need. 

So cut them off. 

8. Start doing a side hustle 

Start earning!  

Start doing a hustle so that you can earn more. Then you don’t have to worry much about your expenses. There are too many ways to earn more. 

 9. Use a bicycle

If you need to travel daily and it’s a short distance then buy a bicycle instead of using public transport and spending more money. 

10. Lower your party days

Party is okay, everyone loves to party but don’t do too much of it too. Set a monthly budget for it.  


How can I earn money in Canada?

Students can work up to 20 hours per week off-campus in Canada. You can take up some internships or part-time jobs or start a side hustle. International students on a student permit are legally allowed to work and earn a living in Canada to help with finances.  

What is the average living cost in Canada?

The average living expenses in Canada for Indian students vary between 15,000 CAD (nearly INR 8.9 lakhs) – 20,000 CAD (nearly INR 11.9 lakhs) every year based on individual lifestyles and different cities across the country. 

Is living in Canada expensive?

Canada is considered one of the most expensive countries to live in. The most expensive city in the country is Toronto.

How much money do you need to live in Canada comfortably?

As a student, you need roughly 15,000 CAD (nearly INR 8.9 lakhs) – 20,000 CAD (nearly INR 11.9 lakhs) every year.

What problem an International student can face?

Problems like cultural shock, new language, new people, accommodation, money management, etc. There are many student accommodation scams and foreigner scams that you need to be aware of so that you do not end up losing your hard-earned money.


Canada is no doubt an expensive country and it is challenging to manage the education and living costs simultaneously. A well-structured financial plan can be a blessing in disguise but you need an expert who can formulate such an organized plan for you. 

Knowing about the living expenses in Canada for Indian students is important especially when they are preparing for overseas education.

The college cost calculator on the Edufund app takes into account the future living costs so that the students can be aware of the average total cost of studying abroad and plan accordingly. 

Consult an expert advisor to get the right plan

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