Living expenses in France

Living expenses in France for Indian students

Living expenses in France for Indian students depend on the location of their residence and individual lifestyle. The cost of living in Paris is no doubt more than in Lyon or Grenoble.

Similarly, if a student loves to eat in restaurants and not on campus, then their cost of living will automatically rise.

The average monthly living expenses in France vary between EUR 1000 – EUR 1350 per month (nearly INR 79,960– INR 1,07,946). It is quite reasonable if you consider other countries like the USA and UK. 

International students should be aware of the cost of living in the city they will be studying in. Take the help of the college cost calculator on the Edufund App to factor in the necessary costs like food, rent, traveling, health insurance, etc. to calculate the living expenses.

Living expenses in France for Indian students

1. Food (average monthly cost)

The cost of food depends upon an individual and whether they want to cook at home, eat on campus or at restaurants. 

An overview of the food expenses based on cities is-

City Cost 
Grenoble EUR  200 – EUR 300 (nearly INR 15,992- INR 23,988) per month.
BordeauxOutside meals are EUR 0.90 – EUR 6 (nearly INR 72 – INR 479) per meal.
Nantes EUR 200 (nearly INR 15,992) per month.
LyonEUR  300 (nearly INR 23,988) per month.
Paris Meals outside per meal EUR 9 – EUR 15 (nearly INR 719 – INR 1,199).

2. Cost of basic grocery items

Food and BeveragesCost
Bread EUR 1.20 (nearly INR 95.9).
Potatoes 1 kgEUR 1.89 (nearly INR 151.1).
Apples 1 kgEUR 2.98 (nearly INR 238.2).
Local cheeseEUR 7 (nearly INR 559.7).
MilkEUR 1.10 (nearly INR 87.9).
Eggs (12)EUR 4.29 (nearly INR 343).
Boneless chicken breast 500 gmsEUR 5.29 (nearly INR 422.9).
Tomatoes 1 kgEUR 2.94 (nearly INR 235).

3. Accommodation

The average monthly cost of accommodation in France is based on whether the student is living in a student’s hostel or private housing and in which city they are residing. The student hostel is no doubt cheaper than private housing. 

An overview of the rent based on the area of stay follows-

City Cost per month 
Grenoble EUR  200 – EUR 500 (nearly INR 15,992- INR 39,980).
MontpellierEUR  335 – EUR  522 (nearly INR 26,786 – INR 41,739).
Nantes EUR 250 – EUR 550 (nearly INR 19,990- INR 43,978).
LyonEUR  400 – EUR  550 (nearly INR 31,984- INR 43,978).
Paris EUR  300 – EUR  500 (nearly INR 23,988 – INR 39,980).

4. Transportation costs

Public transport in France is well-connected and extensive. The city’s metro is easy to navigate, and the weekly tickets cost EUR 0.85 (nearly INR 67.96) plus EUR 1 (nearly INR 79.96) refundable deposit fee per trip at EUR 21 (nearly INR 1,679) per month.

The public transport is pretty reliable and cheap with the bus fare being EUR 2-3 (nearly INR 159 – INR 239) return, train fare at EUR 6 (nearly INR 479) per person one-way and taxis at EUR 10 – EUR 15 (nearly INR 799 – INR 1,199) one way. 

The cost per month, depending upon the area of study is

CityCost Per Month
GrenobleRental Bike EUR 10 – EUR 25 (nearly INR 799 – INR 1,999).TAG transportation service EUR 10 – EUR 60 (nearly INR 799 – INR 4,797).
Nantes EUR 50 (nearly INR 3,998)
Lyon Public transport (bus, metro) is EUR 13.20 monthly for a 10-ticket book. (nearly INR 1,055)Travel card – EUR 32.50 (nearly INR 2,598).
ParisYearly pass EUR 333.50 (nearly INR 26,666)Taxi (1 hour) – EUR 40 (nearly INR 3,198).

5. Personal Expenses

  • Mobile phone – EUR 50 (nearly INR 1,599) per month.
  • Entertainment – EUR 240 (nearly INR 19,190).
  • Internet – EUR 30 (nearly INR 2,398).
  • Magazines, stationary – EUR 80 (nearly INR 6,396).
  • Hobbies EUR 100 (nearly INR 7,996).

6. Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory and an integral part of the living expenses in France for international students. Although a part of it is covered by the government, students have to pay one-time or annual fees as required. 

City Costs
GrenobleHome insurance – EUR 40 – EUR 100 per annum (nearly INR 3,198 – INR 7,996).Healthcare visit – EUR 25 (nearly INR 1,999).
NantesEUR 350 per annum (nearly INR 27,986).
LyonEUR 50 one-time cost (nearly INR 3,998).
ParisSocial security EUR 92 (nearly INR 7,356).Civil liability insurance – EUR 30 (nearly INR 2,398).
Living expenses in France for Indian students

Quality education at top universities and affordable living expenses in France for international students makes it a desired hub to study abroad. Students should try to stick to their budget to make their stay comfortable. 

The college cost calculator on Edufund is a guiding tool that gives an estimate of future expenses so that students can be mindful of the money they will need as living expenses in France. 

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