10 important reasons to study in Australia

10 important reasons to study in Australia

Australia, the land of incredible opportunities and job scopes is known for its top-class educational facilities.

It is an excellent choice for international students who want to study abroad and gain vocational and technical education innovatively and effectively.

There are several reasons why children who study in Australia have found the experience academically and emotionally rewarding. Let us go through some of them.

Important reasons to study in Australia

1. World-class institutions

Out of the top 100 global universities, the best-known six, including the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne, are located in Australia.

The world-class institutions offer international standards of education in fields like technology, finance, medicine, accounting, engineering, etc.

The technologically-advanced classrooms, impeccable lectures, outstanding training facilities, and extensive support services are a magnet for international students who aspire to study abroad. 

2. Teaching and learning process

Parents should send their children to study in Australia because of a unique education system that supports innovative teaching and advanced learning programs.

The strategies encourage students to become critical thinkers so that they can easily achieve their personal and professional dreams later on. 

3. Globally-recognized programs

The degree programs offered by Australian universities are authorized by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and accepted by national and international agencies adding high value to the acquired qualification. 

4. Affordability

Both the college fees and the cost of living in Australia are affordable if someone has planned their finances well. The government also offers different earning opportunities to students that prove an immense help in meeting daily expenses successfully. 

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5. Scholarships

Lots of students want to study abroad but are unable to do as it is an expensive affair. In Australia, almost 300 million dollars worth of student scholarships are for grabs every year.

If your child is one of the lucky ones who has managed to win a scholarship for higher education then they are up for a winning ride. 

The Edufund App has a dedicated team of experts who provide support for children’s overseas education. They counsel students and their parents so that it becomes possible to apply for scholarships and make their dreams true. 

important reasons to study in Australia

6. Advanced research opportunities 

Australia offers advanced country-based research opportunities to learners who want to boost their careers with help of research and development.

Several universities spend a significant budget on R&D to ensure progress in different fields. They also offer fellowships to interested students to undertake research in their area of choice.  

7. Easy access to student visas

One of the major reasons why students prefer to study in Australia is because of the easy accessibility to a student visa. The process is simple and quick for applicants who have their health insurance and finances in order. 

8. Gain work experience and earning opportunities along with studies

Students in Australia are allowed to work 40 hours every two weeks or 20 hours every week during the semester and full-time during the semester break.

This is a golden opportunity for students who want to gain work experience and earning opportunities along with their studies. 

The minimum wage for part-time jobs is 17 dollars per hour and this earning opportunity is a blessing in disguise for students struggling to meet their financial needs. 

8. Multi-cultural society

Australia boasts of a multicultural society that promotes cultural diversity. This place is a boon for international students with diversified backgrounds who can easily find familiar people within the communities. 

9. Safe environment

According to the UN’s World Happiness Report, Australia is among the top 10 safe and happy places in the world.

The government has a strong infrastructure in place that provides security and safety to all its citizens including domestic and international students all over the country. 

10. Student support system

The Australian government has an excellent student support system in place that provides help to international students facing any issues.

The Federal Department of Education in Australia operates an easy-to-contact helpline that offers help to students with issues related to safety, accommodation, education or work, etc. 

11. Numerous employment opportunities

The career-focused programs offered by Australian universities offer extensive knowledge in different subjects. The diverse curriculum empowers students with the necessary skills to face challenges in the outside world and gain employment opportunities. 


Australia has proved itself as one of the most welcoming education providers in the global arena.

International students who study in Australia are attracted because of the interactive learning environment, globally-acclaimed universities, affordable educational programs, and scenic attractions.

Moreover, the country is known to open new doors of opportunities that promote personal and professional growth.

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