Rhodes scholarship enough to cover your child’s oxford education

What is the Rhodes scholarship program? All you need to know

The Rhodes Scholarship for Oxford University is one of the most revered scholarship programs in the world. The visionary project helps outstanding students with academic excellence to undertake postgraduate and Ph.D. study courses at Oxford University.

The world-renowned Rhodes scholarship program includes study courses in several fields like social science, humanities, advanced computer science, physical science, mathematics, life science, etc. It is a golden chance for students to pursue a degree to their heart’s content without the headache of funding.

Rhodes scholarship program

Rhodes scholarship is offered to students who show signs of intellectual distinction. The prestigious program is a fully-funded award that enables students from all over the world to study postgraduate and Ph.D. programs at Oxford University.

The Rhodes Scholarship for Oxford University is offered for two years. The duration of the scholarship is usually extended to meet the demand of the course duration.

“But what advantages does the scholarship program entail?”

Read on to find out.

Rhodes scholarship rewards

The scholarship rewards include –

  • Course fees or university fees
  • An annual stipend that is offered to international students for managing travel expenses and accommodation expenses
  • Cost of a Tier-4 study visa 
  • Health insurance or the associated HIS or International Health Surcharge
  • Covers the admission application fees after the student’s selection at the university
  • Two flight tickets of economy class to and from the UK
  • The students are offered settling-in-allowance 
  • The students who want to transition to some other course at the university do not have to fear the process as it is the Rhodes Trust that takes total responsibility for further visa renewal and IHS application
Is Rhodes scholarship enough to cover your child’s oxford education

Important facts about the Rhodes scholarship for Oxford university

  • The exclusive program is open to only 100 students who want to study in the UK. 
  • The scholarship application form is available on the official website of Rhodes Trust. 
  • The selection criteria are purely based on academic performance and the interview process.
  • For the year 2023, the application dates were 1st June 2022 to 2nd August 2022.

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Eligibility criteria for entering the Rhodes scholarship program

Students should always check the eligibility criteria before applying for the scholarship program. It is available only to those international students who are arriving in the UK for the first time to study. 

Due to the limited number of scholarships offered, the eligibility criteria for this program are very stringent.

The applicant must take into consideration the following factors –

  • The student has to be a citizen of his home country for instance an Indian living for the last few years in Bhutan is not eligible for the Rhodes Scholarship. On the other hand, an Indian student who is residing in any part of India holding Indian citizenship is eligible to apply for the said program.
  • Students must have a valid passport as they have to submit proof of citizenship while applying for the Rhodes Scholarship for Oxford University.
  • The student must have a formal degree from a recognized board of study and a first-class undergraduate degree. 
  • At the time of submitting their application, the student should be 26 years or less of age.
  • Students must submit two letters of recommendation from the last faculties with remarks on their academic performance.
  • The scholarship program is merit-based, no doubt but, it gives ample credence to students who have made a favorable impact on society through their positive efforts.
  • Applicants who possess value-based and positive soft skills like benevolence and leadership have a better chance of a scholarship.

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Is the Rhodes scholarship enough to meet the needs of a student? 

“Is the Rhodes Scholarship enough to cover your child’s Oxford education?” is one of the most common queries that floats around students who are interested in attending Oxford University.

There are only 100 scholarships available and the number of students from various countries is already fixed. For instance, only five students from India are eligible to become a part of the university campus through Rhodes Trust.

The current scholarship amount is $20,883, which amounts to INR 15,57,923 annually. It is renewed yearly in a hassle-free manner through the trust. The stipend offered to the international students amounts to GBP 15,900 per annum or GBP 1,325 per month.

As the Rhodes Scholarship for Oxford University is a fully-funded program it proves enough to meet the needs of the scholarship students. The program generally covers all the viable expenses that the students will incur during their stay at the university.


The merit-based Rhodes Scholarship for Oxford University has managed to leave a positive mark in the international arena. 

The college-specific degree helps outstanding students to gain experience in studying post-graduate courses and Ph.D. programs at such an august institute without the burden of hefty fees.

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