What are international funds

What are international funds? All you need to know

As the name suggests, the fund invests in the international market except in the country the investor is residing. International funds invest in foreign companies not listed in the investor’s country.

Like we have different funds based on market-cap, i.e. large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap funds. Similarly, international funds invest in different sizes of companies.

Types of International funds

International funds are available for Indian investors to invest in. And these funds could have a different approach to investing in the international market. Let’s see the categories:

1. Regional fund

These funds invest in the stock market of a specific country or region. Some funds may offer investment in the US market only, and others may offer investment in Asian markets only.

The main objective is to gain the maximum benefit from investments in the developing stock market of a specific county or region.

2. Thematic funds

These funds invest in a specific theme around the global stock market like artificial intelligence, infrastructure, semi-conductor, etc. The companies in these funds are foreign companies.

3. Global sector funds

These funds invest in the focused sector foreign companies to benefit from its development.

4. Global funds

Though the international and global funds sound similar, they are not. International funds invest in the world stock market except for the country the investor is residing. On the other hand, global funds invest around the world stock market, including the country the investor resides.

What is international fund

Advantages of International funds

1. Geographical Diversification

By investing in these funds, your portfolio can benefit from geographical diversification. There are chances that some countries may outperform other countries. If such a scenario happens, your portfolio will benefit from it.

2. Currency benefit

International funds give you the benefit of currency depreciation. Over the period currency, INR has depreciated against the USD. For instance, in 2008, USD to INR was at Rs.40 against $1, but in 2022, USD to INR is at Rs.80 against $1.

If you had invested $1 in 2008, you could have only gained 100% on currency depreciation. That’s how currency depreciation helps your portfolio to grow.

3. Global opportunity

The opportunity worldwide is immense, and some world-leading companies have products and services in almost every country.

Companies like Apple, Google (Alphabet), Facebook (Meta), etc. International funds provide the opportunity to invest in these companies.

Factors to consider before investing in international funds

There are some essential points that you need to consider before investing:

1. Global exposure

 If you want your portfolio to get global exposure, you can consider investing in these funds. 

2. Risk

International funds are exposed to high-risk factors like currency risk, policy risk, trade risk, etc. All these factors could increase the volatility of the portfolio. 

3. Expense ratio

International funds could have a higher expense ratio which funds can charge for maintaining the fund.

4. Economy risk

Each country’s economy works differently, and all the macro-economic factors could impact your portfolio returns in both ways, positively and negatively.

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Who should invest?

Investors with a high-risk appetite looking for the opportunity with extra returns and who want to hedge their portfolio against the currency risk should consider investing in these funds.

Example of International Fund

Name: iShares Core S&P 500 ETF

Launch Date: May 15, 2000

Ticker: IVV

Index Tracked: S&P 500 Index

 IVVETF Database Category Average
1 Month Return11.09%11.05%
3 Month Return5.21%5.37%
YTD Return-9.26%-14.58%
1 Year Return-1.20%-9.01%
3 Year Return55.85%34.96%
5 Year Return92.84%44.48%
Source: etfbd.com
trading view international funds

Top 5 sectors

Electronic Technology15.42%
Health Technology10.44%
Retail Trade7.54%

Top 10 holdings

Holdings% Assets
Apple Inc.7.32
Microsoft Corporation6.04
Amazon.com Inc.3.48
Alphabet Inc Class A2.03
Alphabet Inc Class X1.87
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B1.51
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated1.41
NVIDIA Corporation1.30
Johnson & Johnson1.20

How can one invest in these funds?

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