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Low interest rates to help you pay-off your loans faster

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Can I apply for an education loan without a co-signer with income?

If you’re pursuing a post-graduation course, you can apply for a loan with a co-applicant/co-signer without income in case you have three years of work experience.

Can I pay my student loan off before time? What are the charges for pre-payment?

Of course. You can pre-pay your loan anytime, without any charges.

Is the interest charged on my loan - simple or compounded?

There will just be simple interest calculated on your loan.

In what duration can I expect my loan to be disbursed?

After the submission of all the documents, you can expect the loan to be disbursed as early as 24 working hours. This fast pace of disbursal is one of the highlights of our partnership with leading loan providers.

Who is eligible to be my co-applicant?

You can have your parents, brother, sister, parents-in-law, spouse, or even grandparents as your co-applicants. The applicants can also be non-financial if you are applying for post-graduation with over three years of experience. 

Can I avail myself only a part of my fee as a loan?

Surely yes. You can opt for just a part of your fee as a loan.

Can I close my loan before time?

Yes. You can pre-close your loan anytime. You should have no problem closing your loan before time, as most students availing of such a loan usually do. 

Can I avail myself only a part of my fee as a loan?

Surely yes. You can opt for just a part of your fee as a loan.

Can I get my tenure of loan increased?

Yes, you can extend the tenure in case the university extends the course.

Would my scholarship be considered as margin money?

Yes. Scholarships awarded to participants would be considered as margin money.

Would my repayment amount be calculated on the sanctioned or the disbursed amount?

Your repayment amount would be based on the disbursed amount. The repayment scheme would be as applicable by the institute.

What are the domestic courses covered?

There are thousands of approved courses that include graduation programmes, post-graduation programmes and even post-graduation diplomas from colleges/universities recognised by UGC / AICTE / Government / AIBMS / ICMR, and other bodies.

What are the overseas courses covered?

Most job-oriented degree or post-graduate diploma/professional courses offered by reputed institutes are considered for student loans.

What are the expenses considered as part of my education loan?

The fee payable for the college and hostel, along with the examination fee, library fee, laboratory fee, travel expenses, the insurance premium for the student, purchase of books, equipment and instruments, purchase of a computer at a reasonable cost if required, and other expenses required for the completion of the course like study trips, projects and thesis.

Are my travel costs included in the loan amount?

Yes, your travel expenses along with visa expenditure is all included as part of the loan. 

 Is the loan from EduFund?

EduFund has partnered with loan providers to give low-interest loans to students to give them a shot at their dream education.

Can I save on taxes with this education loan?

Yes. You can save income tax under 80E on interest paid for the loan.

Are education loans available for certificate courses?

Yes. There are a number of certificate courses that you can avail of an education loan for.

Is there pre-visa disbursal available?

Yes. There is pre-visa disbursal for students applying for overseas education to ensure that there aren’t any hindrances related to finances in the visa process.

Is margin money a must for education loans?

There is no necessity of margin money for student loans below 20 lacs. And for education loans above 20 lacs, even scholarships can be included in as margin money. 

Would a laptop be covered as part of the education loan?

Yes. You can get a laptop at a reasonable price to ensure that there is nothing stopping you from scholarly success. Included also are other instruments and equipment you’d need to ace your subjects. 

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