Good things come to those who start an EduFund.

We created EduFund with one thing in mind – to make your child’s dreams come true. Choose, plan, invest and track your child’s education goals, starting today.

Child education plan

The easiest way to plan for your child’s education.

Expert education counsellors

Expert education counsellors on-board

Choosing the right college can be difficult. Whether you need help selecting the best country of study or finding the best opportunities, we are here to help every step of the way.

Ask us anything about education. Anything.

Trusted investment

Trusted investment gurus at your service

Our Investment plan is backed by research over 400 financial scenarios to be exact. We put together data, analytics, and 40+ years of investment experience to create the best investment plan for your child.

We have included all possible scenarios so you can worry less about your child’s future

money grows

Your money grows with your child

EduFund advises you on how much you should invest, and where. We recommend the right number of ETF’s and mutual funds for your child so that with time your child’s education fund can grow.

You reap more than what you sow, when you start an SIP mutual fund with EduFund.

every child

We have a plan for every child.

We get that every child’s path to success is unique. Our college savings plan takes into account your profile, your child’s age, market and education trends. We track every milestone-start to finish- to help make your child’s goal achievable.

No mess, no stress. Enjoy financial freedom with a dedicated plan in place.

Our college calculator is different. Really, Really different.

It’s backed by data and uses the latest trends to help you build a solid education fund for your child.

People look

What People look for

  • Course Suggestions
  • Bachelors and Masters
  • Colleges
  • Inflation Study
  • Rising Education Cost
  • Demographics
  • Accuracy
College Calculator

EduFund College Calculator

  • 5+ Courses
  • 500+ Global Colleges
  • Country Specific Inflation
  • Region Specific
  • 90%
Other Calculators

Other Calculators

  • 3 Courses
  • 50+ Colleges
  • General Specification
  • 50%
College Calculator

EduFund College Calculator

College Calculator

Other Calculators

5+ Courses
3 Courses
Bachelors and masters
500+ Global Colleges
50 Colleges
Inflation Study
Country Specific Inflation
Rising Education Cost
Region Specific

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