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Principal Mutual Fund

Welcome to Principal Mutual Fund, your trusted companion on your journey towards financial prosperity. We understand that everyone’s financial goals are unique, and we’re here to empower you to achieve them. Whether you’re planning for retirement, your child’s education, or simply aiming to grow your wealth, Principal Mutual Fund offers a wide range of investment solutions customized to your specific needs.


What sets us apart is our commitment to making finance accessible and straightforward. Our team of experienced professionals works diligently to identify promising investment opportunities, ensuring that your money is invested wisely. With Principal Mutual Fund, you have access to a user-friendly online platform that allows you to effortlessly monitor your investments, make informed decisions, and take charge of your financial future. Join the countless investors who trust Principal Mutual Fund as their partner in building a brighter financial tomorrow. Start your journey to financial success with us today!


At Principal Mutual Fund, we’re not just a mutual fund provider; we’re your financial allies, dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. Together, we’ll navigate the path to financial security and prosperity, making your financial goals a reality.

List of Principal Mutual Fund in India

Fund Category Risk 1Y Returns Ratings Fund size ( in Cr)
Equity Very High Risk 31.85583
SIP Investment Strategies 2

Key Information

Incorporation Date

December 28, 1993

Setup Date

October 25, 1994


The Principal Financial Group is the parent company and owner of Principal Mutual Fund

How to invest in Principal Mutual Fund with EduFund?


  1. Download the EduFund App and set up a FREE investment account.
  2. After setting up the App, click on Invest on your Dashboard.
  3. By clicking, you can start exploring the top mutual funds on the App.
  4. Get the trending mutual funds, risk-wise buckets, and class-wise buckets for your kid’s future, or search for any fund.
  5. Choose any fund, press Add to Cart, and place an SIP or lump sum order for your child’s education goals.
  6. That’s how easy it is to invest in mutual funds with EduFund!
Top Fund Manager

Mr. Bekxy Kuriakose

Head of Fixed Income

Mr. P.V.K. Mohan

Head of Equity

Mr. Rajat Jain

Chief Investment Officer

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